The Legality of an Online Marriage

Is an online marriage legal? The simple answer is yes. The certificates are handed to you when the marriage is done. A marriage is considered legal in the US if the following steps were met.

You need to:

  • Legally apply for and be issued a marriage license
  • Go through a valid wedding ceremony according to state law
  • Register the marriage in your respective state by county or town clerk

Both state and federal laws consider a couple legally married when they hold a marriage certificate that has gone through all those steps and is duly recorded by the state.

The marriages we do on our website strictly go through all those stages.

The process

Federal and state laws follow procedures laid out specifically to make sure the marriage is legal. Here’s how we do it.


Note: It doesn’t matter where you live. You will get married in a state that allows online marriage. So, you don’t have to live or be in that state.

Not only is it simple to know if you can get married, but it is also a process that we will guide you through until our part of it is done, and your marriage is legally recognized.     

Several states have introduced new provisions to ensure that virtual marriage ceremonies are possible, with online applications for marriage licenses, which would typically have to be done in-person.   


One of the processes required to make this legal is an officiant who records all the important information required to make all this legal, including pertinent details like the date and place of the ceremony, the couple’s names, the names of the witness(es) and a digital signature to complete the marriage. 

NOTE: Digitally signed records are as legally binding as paper records or hand-signed documents.


When the officiant enters the information, the system of the state/county you’re in will generate a digitally certified and completely legal copy of your Marriage License and certificate of Completed Marriage.

The information resides in a government database as proof that the marriage took place following the legal process.

However, the court-sealed physical copy of your marriage license will be sent to you after the ceremony is over and complete, with the bride, bridegroom, and court officiant present.

What Do You Do If You Are Outside The United States?

If, for any reason, you have to do this from outside the US, you might need an Apostille in order to get a recognition as married in the country you live in. An Apostille is a special certificate, issued by the Secretary of State or the Office of the Lieutenant Governor, to attach to your marriage license so that it is considered legal, verifiably authentic, and acceptable in any of the countries that agreed to be part of The Hague Apostille Convention of 1961.

If you have any questions about this service’s legal requirements or legality, feel free to talk to us.


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