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At MarryFromHome, we’re proud of our track record, but we let our customers do the talking. Over three years, we’ve served 2,000+ clients, earning numerous positive reviews across various platforms.

These testimonials reflect our commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction. They’re not just numbers – they represent real couples whose special days we’ve enhanced.

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David and Alexandra: A MarryFromHome Success Story

Meet David from America and Alexandra from Russia, who found love while living in China. When COVID-19 closed borders and China banned foreigners from marrying each other, their plans hit a roadblock.

Enter MarryFromHome. Within 15 minutes of signing up, David and Alexandra were on their way to tying the knot. They turned their virtual wedding into a special event, booking a hotel and celebrating with friends while connecting with family online.

Today, the couple has their marriage license and certificate in hand, allowing them to start their new life together outside of China. David and Alexandra credit MarryFromHome for making their union possible despite the challenging circumstances.

“Thank you, MarryFromHome,” they say, grateful for the simple solution that helped them overcome international barriers to marriage.

Ingrid Cadisa: A MarryFromHome Success Story

Meet Ingrid Cadisa, a Belgian living in London, who found love with an Algerian man while both were residing in Turkey. When they decided to get married in July 2021, they encountered obstacles due to their status as foreign nationals.

MarryFromHome offered the perfect solution for this international couple. Ingrid describes the process as user-friendly and cost-effective. From application to marriage, it took just over a week.

Today, Ingrid is back in England, where she’s had no issues filing documentation or changing her name with government institutions using their MarryFromHome certificate.

“Thank you, MarryFromHome, for the service that you offer,” Ingrid says. “You have absolutely changed our life and we are looking forward to the future.”

Ingrid’s story demonstrates how MarryFromHome simplifies international marriages, helping couples overcome bureaucratic hurdles with ease.

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Marriage is a journey. It's time to start yours.

We make online weddings magnificent by guiding you through every step of the process, so you can relax and focus on the most important part – getting ready to take the first step towards a
married life journey.

Marriage is a journey. It's time to start yours.

We make virtual weddings magnificent by guiding you through every step of the process, so you can relax and focus on the most important part – getting ready to take the first step towards a married life journey.

Totally legit. If you have doubts to whether is legitimate to get married from your home, then look no further. This site will find you the States whose digital governance is most advanced. Yes, you will be legally married and you will have all the legitimate documents for you to registered your marriage in what ever part of the world you may be. Still in doubt? Ask Jackie, the service responds within 48 hours.... what else do you need.
Brayan & Solomon

We want to get married last year but this pandemic comes so we dont have a chance to process all the papers outside our place. And then we heard about online wedding that base in USA, we tried to search many different online married website.But marryfromhome website was the best for us.They are so accomodating in terms of answering questions and other inquiries.We are very satistfied of thier service,so if you are planning to get married online we can recommend marryfromhome is best website for online married.
Klaus & Lucy
The Philippines

Good afternoon Jackie, I would like to say I appreciate your help with everything. I had my zoom ceremony very early this morning and everything went so well. I will definitely recommend people about your company!
Jeff & Anastasia
United States

We were anxious with the whole process. Not fully knowing what to expect of a virtual wedding. Jackie helped ease those anxieties and prepare us for the process. We were able to have our wedding at our home with our children. Our family members and friends from around the world were also able to attend virtually. Definitely worth it!
Tai & Joseph
United States

Everything went well yesterday, thank you very much for helping us organise it.
Daniel B.
United Kingdom

It was perfect, thank you very much!
Very convenient way of getting married during this COVID-19 pandemic. Excellent customer service by Jackie! Thank you
Marinus C.
United States

I would love to tell to all my friends who want to try online service. This is the best company ever 🙂
Jun K.
South Korea

It was lovely!! Thank you very much:)
Neethu and Matthias

Thank you so much!
We are married!!!!!!!!!!!!
The marrige certificate arrived and it's perfect!
Jonathan D.
United States

I trust you are well, we received all the documents needed thank you very much for your assistance and professionalism.
Faissal & Aisha

we just posted a review on your page. Good luck building your business, we will always keep you close to our heart.
Damian & Chihiro

We just received it! everything looking good
Thank you so much for everything
Have a nice day!
Emma& Marry

Yes, the wedding was exactly as I expected. Despite of my husband being in his van at work. Haha.
Thank you again for your excellent service. Let me know if I can leave a review somewhere. I would be happy to do so.
Christen & Emilie

It was amazing thank you. If you have any means of thanking Ruas in our behalf it would be wholeheartedly appreciated, he was fantastic, funny and just made the whole experience enjoyable.
Thank you also for making this day happen Jackie.
James & Natalie
United Kingdom

Good Morning! Thank you for everything- the service and the clerk were wonderful
Hannah & Louisa
United Kingdom

Hello Thank you for everything
It was perfect.
Andy & Anna
United Kingdom