If you wish to cancel your payment and marriage, we will provide you a refund based on the status of your application. Depending on where we are at in the progress and how much work was done by our staff. Please refer to the information below:

Full Refund

We will provide you a full refund if your Marriage License has not been approved. As long as we just started the process and we haven’t applied yet for your marriage license, or your marriage license wasn’t approved, we can grant a full refund.

$200 Deduction

We will issue a full refund minus 200$ fee if you request to cancel your application after your Marriage License has been approved. This means we already paid for your marriage license and we sent it to you by email.

$400 Deduction

We can issue a full refund minus 400$ fee if you request to cancel your marriage after we have scheduled an online wedding ceremony for you. This means your Marriage License has been approved and your Wedding Ceremony has been scheduled but you do not wish to continue.

No Refund

We do not refund if your ceremony has already been completed.

Application payments will be automatically canceled after 30 days if we fail to receive your application details or any follow-up communication.