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We help Muslim couples get married in a valid online Nikah ceremony, so you can enjoy married life together.

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MarryFromHome Helps Muslim couples get legally married online according to US law and Islam law.
With an online wedding ceremony hosted on Zoom, couples can enjoy a US State licensed marriage, valid according to Islam, regardless of their nationality, or physical location.
Couples then receive a hard copy of their US marriage certificate which can then be used as a legal document to prove their married status.

Is an online Nikah valid in Islam?

Yes, it is legal!

Islam doesn’t say anything specifically about online marriage, however, there are certain requirements in the Islam for a legal and valid marriage (Nikah). Some of those requirements are to have 2 male Muslim witnesses, a consent of the wife’s guardian, mention a Dowry (Mahr).

If all the requirements are met, the ceremony is legal and valid according to Islam, regardless if it’s physical or online.

About MarryFromHome's Online Nikah Service

MarryFromHome is specialized in online wedding ceremonies. We made more than 1,000 ceremonies for couples from all over the world.

Among our officiants, we have an Imam who does all the Muslim ceremonies according to the Islamic law. He will have a preparing call with you prior your ceremony, to know you better, and to instruct you more about the ceremony.

The officiant, a certified Imam, serves the religious needs of the Muslim Community in Salt Lake City Since 1999. Currently, he is serving as Imam and Khateeb of Utah Islamic Center located in Sandy, Utah.

Here’s what couples who have gotten married online with us have to say:


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Online Nikah Service - How we do it

We offer a one of a kind service – an online Nikah, legal both according to US  law and Islamic law. You will get married in a valid online Nikah, and get registered as a married couple in the US. Your marriage will be recognized in all 50 US states.

Stage 1 - We take care of the paperwork of your marriage license

We will issue you a marriage license, which is mandatory for getting married in the US. We will do all the paperwork for you, and schedule the marriage ceremony for you at your preferred time & date.

Stage 2 - Enjoy your online marriage ceremony

You will join the zoom ceremony with the link we provide you in advanced and have your online Nikah with your guests, friends and family (limited to 95 guests). The ceremony will take 10-30 minutes and is legal, exciting, and performed by an Imam who is US certified officiant.

Stage 3 – Recieve your marriage certificates

You are now legally married according to the law of the United States and Islam. You will get your digital marriage certificate as soon as the state issues it (Usually within 1-2 days), and your physical marriage certificate by worldwide tracked shipping to your home address. 

We can supply you an Apostille stamp to your marriage certificate to have a worldwide recognition so you could use it outside the US.

Now, once you are married, you can live with your partner as a family without any limitation.

What we need from you

To help us take care of all the arrangements, we need a few things from you.

Fill in the application form online.

Upload your IDs as well as a face photo for each of you.

Two witnesses to be on the Zoom call with you. If needed, we can supply them for you

An address to send the marriage certificate.

Our online Nikah service is affordable for everyone

We charge 599$ for the online marriage service, and you get

  • A US Marriage license
  • A wedding ceremony with a certified Imam
  • You can choose between a ceremony in English, Arabic or Urdu
  • A digital marriage certificate from the US
  • A physical marriage certificate from the US
  • 24/7 support by phone, email and chat


Free bonus:

  • A full video of your Nikah ceremony

Extra charge services

  • 24h wedding – get married within 24 hours
  • Apostille stamp for your certificate for recognition outside the US
  • Witnesses for your ceremony
  • FedEx tracked worldwide shipping (Price range between 20$-110$, depends if you want an Apostllie stamp, and country for delivery)

When will you get the marriage certificate?

  • We will deliver your digital marriage certificate by email within 2 business days from the ceremony.
  • The physical certificate will be sent to the address you have provided for delivery and may take up to 5 weeks to arrive depending if you need an Apostille stamp with it as well as the country of delivery.

Get married risk free- our 100% guarantee

We offer 100% guarantee for our service. You will get married in the US, according to Islam, and get a US marriage certificate. If we failed to get you married in the US as promised,  you will get a 100%refund.  

If you choose to cancel the service before we started the process, you will get a 100% refund.

Want to get married with our online Nikah service?

Simply click here to visit our application page , fill in your details, including payment details in the application form, and we will take it from there. Make sure to specify that you want a Muslim ceremony,

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Limitations and qualifications

These are some of the limitations on who can be married online:

  • No couples who are related to each other within and not including the fifth degree of consanguinity.
  • No minors or cousins.
  • If an individual has been divorced recently, you have to wait for 60 days after the finality to pass before we can process your marriage application.

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