We Know From Personal Experience
How Hard It Can Be To Get Married.

So We Make It As Easy As Possible!

For some couples, getting married is not possible. We experienced this first hand when a family member was barred from getting married in her home country due to laws against gay marriage. It was heart-wrenching to see the anguish that she experienced as a result. After witnessing the pain and disappointment this had on our loved ones, we sought out to find a way to solve the issue.

As the expression goes, love will find a way, and eventually, she succeeded when we discovered that she could legally get married online in the US. You can imagine the joy our entire family felt!

Here it all started

That launched a series of events.

We were so inspired by this happy ending that we decided to create a company that could help couples getting married despite local laws against such unions.

Once we saw how well that worked, we realized that our services could benefit couples living in other countries with restrictive marriage laws, so we decided to expand globally. Thanks to our background in owning a visa agency, we were already accustomed to conducting business internationally and representing clients in front of governmental agencies.

So that’s how Marry From Home became a reality.

The company quickly became our calling.

Our belief that marriage should be a right enjoyed by everyone became more passionate with each passing day. After earning the Certificate that allows us to legally perform marriages in accordance with a U.S. state code as an official Designee, we adopted a proven service model that enables couples to get legally married by a U.S. County from anywhere in the world over Zoom.

Authorization to perform marriage as County Clerk Designee.

Our 100% success rate in getting couples married.

We know that every couple has their own challenges to meet, so we’ve tailored our services to exactly fit your individual situation. This careful attention to detail, combined with our service’s solid legal foundation, has resulted in a perfect record of successfully getting people legally married.

Our company today

To date, this total has numbered more than one hundred couples representing 20+ countries and six continents. Despite so many different hurdles due to local laws and requirements, we’ve overcome them all in getting people successfully married.

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