About the Online Marriage Ceremony

How does the process work? This is what you can expect once you choose to get married online with us.

After submitting your application to us, we’ll supply you with a marriage license. This allows you as the couple to legally participate in the wedding ceremony.

Moving onto the day itself, you need to supply two witnesses over the age of 18. You and your witnesses need to be on the Zoom video call during the ceremony, but you do not need to be in the same location. The officiant will verify the ID of the couple as well as the age and identity of the two witnesses. The ceremony is performed by a county officiant using a standard script that fulfills the legal requirements of the state. 

You will be given the chance to exchange vows and rings if you choose to do so. The officiant will ask you, the couple, if you wish to get married to each other and both of you will need to respond, ‘I do.’

After the ceremony, we will finalize the registration of your wedding with the county officiant. You will receive your digital certified copy of your marriage certificate. Your hard-copy will be sent to you with delivery time depending on your location.


If there is anything you’d like to change about the ceremony please let us know and we’ll discuss how we can meet your wishes.