US States That Allow Online Marriage

Legality of web/online wedding in the US

Due to the corona virus outbreak, a few US states became lenient from the usual old norm when it comes to traditional way of marriages.

Her are still the counties who accepts online marriage license appointment and virtual wedding ceremony:


Not all counties in California perform virtual marriage license appointments and online civil celebration. In some cases, both applicants must be in the same room of the appointment, and physically located within the State of California.

The provisions in Emergency Orders N-58-20,  N-08-21, and N-12-21 (issued Aug 16, 2021) have been extended through December 31, 2021. 

Under the executive order, adults will be able to obtain a marriage license, at the discretion of their local county clerk, through videoconferencing, as long as both adults are located within the State of California, are present, and can present identification during the video conference. The license can then be issued via email.

Additionally, adults who wish to be married can conduct a ceremony to solemnize the marriage via videoconference, as long as both parties are present, and have at least one witness who can join the live video conference.


Colorado law allows couples to apply for their marriage license remotely using video conference as long as: both parties to the online marriage are in the same room, at the same time, in the state of Colorado for the appointment. (These options will be repealed on December 31, 2023.)


All can attend virtually or online, as long as they participate in real time, and the ceremony must be hosted from a physical location within the state of Utah.

Although the concept of online marriage seems convenient and too good to be true, this marriage does not fall under any classification or category under the US common law. This is simply a solution, means or method of allowing couples to wed despite the strict travel restrictions and border closures brought about by the pandemic.

Although virtual or online marriages are considered binding and legal in the law of US, some other state and countries may not recognize it as it doesn´t follow their public policy and formalities of their marriage act.


While the online marriage is legal according to the laws in US, it is not certain that the court of law and Immigration Services of your home country will recognise such union as valid. General Civil Registry may require further verification and additional documents to register your online marriage celebrated in US, if deemed necessary.

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