Get married online legally from anywhere in the world.

We help couples say ‘I do’ in an official US online wedding ceremony, so you can enjoy married life together.

Being a foreigner in China isn’t easy.

The local laws aren’t allowing you to get married to your loved one. You want to get married to express your love and to share a common life. You want to live together with your partner as a family. They don’t even let you live together if you are not married.

You might have tried some of those

You can get out of China to get married abroad, but it is so inconvenient, expensive and full of bureaucracy.

You can try to get married in a foreigner embassy in China, but you will understand it is impossible.

How the hell are you going to get married in this situation?

If only there were an option to get married from your home…

Meet MarryFromHome

Get married online legally in the US, so you can be and live together as a family, without flying abroad and regardless to the local marriage rules in the country you are staying now.

With an online wedding ceremony hosted on Zoom, couples can enjoy a US State licensed marriage, regardless of their nationality, sexuality, or physical location. Couples then receive a hard copy of their US marriage certificate which can then be used as a legal document to prove their married status.

How we do it

Stage 1 - We take care of the paperwork of your marriage license

We will issue you a marriage license, which is mandatory for getting married in the US. We will do all the paperwork for you, and schedule the marriage ceremony for you at your preferred time & date.

Stage 2 - Enjoy your online marriage ceremony

You will join the zoom ceremony with the link we provide you in advanced and have your marriage ceremony with your guests, friends and family (limited to 95 guests). The ceremony will take 10-20 minutes and is fun, exciting, and performed by a US certified officiant.

Stage 3 – Recieve your marriage certificates

You are now legally married according to the law of the United States. You will get your digital marriage certificate as soon as the state issues it (Usually within 1-2 days), and your physical marriage certificate by worldwide tracked shipping to your home address. 

We can supply you an Apostille stamp to your marriage certificate to have a worldwide recognition so you could use it outside the US.

Now, once you are married, you can live with your partner as a family without any limitation.

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Check what some of our 1000+ past customers have to say

Despite our original skepticism related to this non-traditional way to get married, we found out a highly professional and responsive team and process. All our expectations were met and surpassed. The process was efficient, professional and with a wonderful "human" and sensitive touch.
Deana & Ariel
Madrid, Spain

That is an excellent service. My husband and I live in the United States, but we wanted to keep things simple so that my family members who live abroad and are unable to travel to the United States could attend the ceremony. MarryFromHome kept in touch with me on a regular basis and provided detailed information. I had the impression that the entire procedure was under control and that I could easily obtain assistance at any time. It is legal and well-organized. I highly recommend this service!
Viktoriia & Alexander

Thank you MarryFromHome for giving us the opportunity to be a gay couple, legally. I am much appreciated to all of you for organizing this wedding event to make impossible possible--our dream came true because of you! Salt Lake City has definitely become one of our future tourism destinations--this is where magic and happiness begin.
Xin & Pengcheng
Chengdu, Sichuan, China


Yes! It is 100% legal according to the law of the US.

You may be wondering how a wedding conducted online can be legal. Certain states in the US allow for weddings to be conducted online and be recognized by the government. The process and certification are exactly the same as an in-person wedding. There is an officiant from the state who will conduct the ceremony online and confirm the presence of the two individuals getting married. We have established a working relationship with these states and the local county offices in order to make the process as easy as possible for you, whilst still enjoying the same outcome as a physical wedding.

Virtual united states marriage certificate
Your marriage certificate will be looking like this one

Are we allowed to do it?

Absolutely yes! We have in our company certified officiants who are authorized by a US state to perform marriage legally.

We work with some of the top certified officiants in order for you to have the best marriage ceremony possible.

We work with the local county marriage office and register the marriage through the marriage office of the state.

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Who can get marry through MarryFromHome

  • Everyone who is 18+ regardless of your sexuality, nationality and location.
  • You don’t have to be a US citizen, you don’t have to be physically in the US. Our services are good for people from all over the world.
  • Same-sex marriage is also applicable.
  • Cousins or any other kind of relatives, can’t get married with us, according to the laws of the US.

What do we need from you?

To start the process, go to our payment form and fill in your details. After the payment, we will send you an online form to fill in with your personal details for the marriage license. You will need to add a selfie photo and an ID photo.

We will contact you regarding your ceremony date and time, and we will schedule it at your convenience. You can invite guests to your ceremony if you wish, but 2 witnesses (18+ years old) are mandatory for the ceremony. If you wish, we can supply witnesses for you from our team.


When will you get the marriage certificate?

  • We will deliver your digital marriage certificate by email within 2 business days from the ceremony.
  • The physical certificate will be sent to the address you have provided for delivery and may take up to 5 weeks to arrive depending if you need an Apostille stamp with it as well as the country of delivery.

Our service is affordable for everyone

We charge 599$ for the online marriage service, and you get

  • A US Marriage license
  • A wedding ceremony with a certified officiant
  • A digital marriage certificate from the US
  • A physical marriage certificate from the US
  • 24/7 support by phone, email and chat

Bonuses you will get free of charge

A full video of your marriage ceremony

So you will have a lifetime memories from your wedding.

Guides for registration your marriage in different countries

In case you wish to get your marriage registered in other countries except of the US

Extra charge services

  • 24h wedding – get married within 24 hours
  • Apostille stamp for your certificate for recognition outside the US
  • Witnesses for your ceremony
  • FedEx tracked worldwide shipping (Price range between 20$-110$, depends if you want an Apostllie stamp, and country for delivery)
  • Live translation of your ceremony to your guests to Spanish or Chinese

Want to get married online?

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Get married risk free- our 100% guarantee

We offer 100% guarantee for our service. You will get married in the US and get a US marriage certificate. If we failed to get you married in the US as promised,  you will get a 100%refund.  

If you choose to cancel the service before we started the process, you will get a 100% refund.

If you choose the cancel the service after we have issued a US state marriage license, you will get 100% refund minus 200$.

If you choose the cancel the service after we booked your online marriage ceremnoy, you will get 100% refund minus 400$.

After the marriage ceremony had taken place, you will be registered as a married couple in the US and if you wish to cancel, we can refund you only for the shipping costs.

Who are we- MarryFromHome

For some couples, getting married is not possible. I experienced this first hand when a family member was barred from getting married in her home country due to laws against gay marriage. It was heart-wrenching to see the anguish that she experienced as a result. After witnessing the pain and disappointment this had on my loved ones, I sought out to find a way to solve the issue.

As the expression goes, love will find a way, and eventually, she succeeded when we discovered that she could legally get married online in the US.

We were so inspired by this happy ending that I decided to create a company that could help couples getting married despite local laws against such unions.

So that’s how Marry From Home became a reality.

The ceremony of my family member, where MarryFromHome began.

More reviews from clients

Totally legit. If you have doubts to whether is legitimate to get married from your home, then look no further. This site will find you the States whose digital governance is most advanced. Yes, you will be legally married and you will have all the legitimate documents for you to registered your marriage in what ever part of the world you may be. Still in doubt? Ask Jackie, the service responds within 48 hours.... what else do you need.
Brayan & Solomon

It was wonderful! It was great that we were able to finally do this, given our current situation being of different nationalities, living in China, and the pandemic which has been restricting travel. We've tried to do this for a couple years and your company finally helped us achieve this!
Abena & Madalitso
Currently living in Shanghai, China

I like Marry From Home,we have a wonderful experience from my ceremony,I will recommend to my friends.
Sen & Qun
Hong Kong

Excellent service. Strongly recommend it!
Mustapha & Ekaterina

Amazing. Amazing amazing. Straight forward amazing service and very fast communication. Highly recommend it.
Jozef & Viktorija

You might ask yourself

Yes! We are open to all countries citizens. We have no citizenship or residency requirements to obtain a marriage license. Any couple whose marriage is not forbidden by US law (Minors and relatives) may apply for and be issued a valid marriage license. Our service is available to same-sex couples as well.

Yes. All states recognize a marriage that is legalized in one state, regardless of their marriage laws. 

No, every couple who gets their license through the county state receives the same certificate, regardless whether they were married online or in the office.

Want to get married online?

Simply click here to visit our application page , fill in your details including payment details in the application form, and we will take it from there.

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Should you have any further questions regarding our services that have not been answered?
Still not sure whether our service is suitable for your needs?

Schedule a free 15 minute consultation call with us, and we will figure out together the best way to assist you.


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