10 Virtual Wedding Shower Ideas & Tips For a Magical Party

Love knows no laws, no boundaries, and no restrictions. So when couples are unable to celebrate together, the results can be devastating.

Virtual wedding celebrations are making a huge debut around the world, helping thousands of people tie the knot in a safe, legal, and memorable way. Many couples are also choosing to hold other wedding events online, including receptions, bachelor parties, and wedding showers.

Whether you will be kept apart due to distance, health concerns, or legal red tape, you can still enjoy the magic of a wedding shower with all those you love online. In fact, virtual wedding showers don’t need to be much different from their in-person counterparts.

Here are ten ideas for hosting a magical virtual wedding shower — all without breaking the bank (or needing to be physically together).

1. Enjoy A Meal

Snack on some brunch, dinner, or tasty takeout with those you love, all through a video stream.

2. Unboxing Together

Have your wedding shower guests send gifts to your home, where you can open the goodies on stream. They’ll love sharing your excitement!

3. Game Night

From fun-packed party video games to customized wedding-themed quizzes, choose some games to play with your guests through video.

4. Cocktail Hour

You might not be able to clink glasses, but you can still toast the to-be couple with loud cheers and applause!

5. Take A Class

Flower arrangements, yoga, and painting workshops are fun ways to engage your guests without having to be in the same room. Plus, it’s a lot of fun for everyone!

6. Trivia Time

What’s their favorite color? Who in the relationship talks more? Which is the cat person, and which is the dog person? Answer all these questions and more with some wedding-themed trivia!

7. Dress Sneak-Peak

Planning on wearing a dress for the Big Day? Show it off to your friends and family members, even if just a little peek. They’ll love having insider knowledge of what’s to come!

8. Stream A Movie

If you have a favorite show, TV series, or movie you’ve been wanting to watch, gather up the gang and stream a movie together! Some sites or applications will take care of it for you, such as Disney+.Don’t forget to pop some popcorn for the occasion!

9. Try Sip & Paint

Who doesn’t love painting with a glass of champagne? Spend an hour of artistic expression with your closest friends!

10. Spend Time Chatting

One of the best parts about a wedding shower is the ability to simply relax and chat with friends. Leave a little breathing room in your itinerary to just kick back, talk, and discuss your exciting future! Odds are that your friends can’t wait to hear all about it.

Now that you have an idea of what your virtual wedding shower might look like, here are ten tips for pulling it off without a hitch.

virtual wedding shower

1. Prizes Or Favors

Virtual wedding shower favors can be extremely unique, from gift cards and subscription boxes to Amazon deliveries. Some websites handle virtual party favors for you, giving you one less thing to stress about.

2. Play Dress-Up

You might not be partying in person, but you will still be celebrating together! Ask your guests to dress up and enjoy the wedding shower with you. This extra touch is bound to make you feel closer than ever to your virtual guests.

3. Offer Advice Cards

Advice cards are lovely ways for friends and family members to offer advice to the new lovebirds. These are sweet keepsakes for the future, and make great reading material during your early days as a couple. Advice cards can be physically mailed to your location or sent through email and chat software.

4. Send Paper Invites

Almost everyone’s snail-mail is composed of bills or marketing flyers. Shake things up by writing paper invites for your virtual wedding shower! Be sure to include the link to your video call, or any website information they may need to log on.

5. Choose A Theme

Colors and flowers and llamas, oh my! Almost anything can become a theme for your virtual wedding shower. This is a fun and creative part of the process that should help make your shower feel a little less stressful.

6. Create A Playlist

No wedding shower is complete without some music! Create a playlist that can run during the event, hopefully something that means a lot to you and your future spouse. Consider asking guests for songs they’d like to play in your honor. Just remember to put the volume down a little, so everyone can hear!

7. Decorate Your Environment

Just because your wedding shower is virtual doesn’t mean it can’t be colorful! Do what you can to add some pizzazz to your space, whether it includes physical decorations strung up behind your chair or a cute virtual background on your video platform. Let guests know about decorations ahead of time so they can get in on the fun!

8. Send Thank You Cards

Just like paper invitations, everybody loves getting ‘thank you’ notes in the mail. Use an app like Canva to create custom cards, or simply buy in bulk from the nearest stationery store. If physical mail isn’t possible, consider sending a message via email. Your guests will love this extra-special touch!

9. Designate Another Host

As the bride to be, you’re already doing most of the talking. Why not designate an MC just for your special event? The host of your wedding shower will help manage the technology, keep everything on schedule, and ultimately ease some of your stress.

10. Consider Hitting Record

Not everyone on your guest list will be able to attend the wedding shower, but with the marvel of technology on your side, you can save the footage for all to see! Use the record function on the video platform to save a copy of your wedding shower. Not only will you be able to pass this on to guests that could not attend, but you will have a lovely keepsake long after the knot is tied.

MarryFromHome Does It Differently

Hosting a wedding shower online is just the first step in a totally virtual wedding experience. At MarryFromHome, our unique approach to online weddings allows you to experience the joy of wedded bliss without the formalities of an in-person ceremony. Enjoy all the rights, benefits, and legalities of being married, and pursue the life you want together: no strings, no fine print, and no red tape.

MarryFromHome offers brides and grooms-to-be with a host of unique wedding options:

  • Marry From Anywhere, Anytime
  • Simple 30-Minute Services
  • Full-Service Weddings (Reception, Ceremony, Trivia, etc)
  • Open To US Citizens And Beyond
  • 100% Legal And Legitimate

We provide humble and low-key wedding services, as well as grand and exciting events for couples of all kinds. Using our many experiences and working relationships across multiple states, we can expertly craft a day you will never forget. Our team manages all the arrangements, legislation, and paperwork in advance. All you need is to say ‘I do!’

Schedule a free initial consultation to learn more about how MarryFromHome could make your dreams come true. Let’s create a virtual wedding that you will never forget!

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