How to Easily Plan and Host A Zoom Wedding

Zoom Wedding

There are all kinds of obstacles that can prevent a couple from going ahead with a traditional wedding. No matter how much you’d love to be surrounded by your friends and family members in your home, a church, a secular assembly hall, or out in the great scenic landscape offered by nature, that goal may […]

10 Zoom Wedding Ideas and Tips For a Perfect Virtual Wedding

zoom wedding ideas

The videoconference platform known as Zoom came to the rescue of countless individuals and organizations throughout the COVID-19 pandemic. Even today, people are choosing Zoom as their platform of choice for online wedding ceremonies — not only for health and safety reasons, but as a smart, convenient way to help people in distant locales participate […]

Can You Get a Legal Marriage Certificate Online?

marriage certificate online

Even the most glorious events of your life, including your wedding, can involve some unavoidable paperwork (or e-work, as the case may be in our digital era). If you plan to get married soon, you need to make sure you’ve taken your marriage certificate into consideration. This legal document serves as proof of your valid […]

Can You Get a Legal Marriage License Online?

can you apply for a marriage license online

If you’re one-half of a loving couple, you may have made the mutual decision to make that long-term relationship as official as possible — not only in the eyes of your loved ones or according to common-law principles, but also as a formal, legal marriage. However, it’s not quite as simple as having the ceremony […]

When Should You Get a Marriage License?

when to get a marriage license

People often get confused about marriage licenses and certificates. While they may sound like the same documents, each one serves a different purpose and each one is necessary for your marriage — in different ways. The marriage license is the document that grants permission, by the state, for you and your partner to wed. The […]

What Do You Need for a Marriage License? (Requirements)

what do you need for a marriage license application

A marriage license is, simply put, the document that grants you permission to get married. It is the first step in the process of exchanging your vows and beginning your life together as part of a married couple. Each U.S. state has specific requirements when it comes to qualifying for a marriage license. So the […]